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At Promasque, we offer you with the widest variety of cage choices on the market. All are polished stainless steel, not cheap carbon wire with chrome plating. Best visibility on the market.  Two year warrantee on cage welds. 

Choose the cage below that best suits you.

New Youth Mask Front New Youth Mask Side
Please note the above cage only is manufactured with carbon wire with chrome plating, it is not stainless steel wire.

New Legal approved cage -
Our own design of the approved CatEye.  Polished Stainless Steel. Great forward visibility.

New ProStyle Cateye cage -
Solid Six gauge Polished Stainless Steel, as used by our NHL goaltenders. Two year warrantee on cage welds. For use only in the Pros or Senior leagues. "Junior" goaltenders must be 18 or older to use this cage.

  • Chin Sling option available for senior masks, 18 and over

PLEASE NOTE: As with any Pro CateEye cage, this cage provides maximum visibility, but stick blades can fit through the eye holes, and the holes under the eyes, causing severe eye injury.

Pro Cheater Cage front Pro Cheater Side
Pro “Cheater” cage-
NEW! The Classic Pro “Cheater” cage. For seniors only. An alternative to the pro Cateye.  It has fantastic visibility.  AKA- Don Beaupre cage


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