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Here are a few very good examples showing the durability of a PROMASQUE.....
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Example 1-
The first example is of a one year old PROMASQUE XDK belongs to John Muse of the Division One National Champion Boston College Eagles. John received his mask from PROMASQUE in September of 2007.

The only thing he did with the mask since then, was

Play every minute,

Of every practice,

Of every game,

As a true freshman,

Of the entire D1 Hockey East college season,

Oh and then went on to win a little tournament called the Frozen Four Division One National Championship in it.

The mask shown has had no repairs, repainting or re-clearing. It simply went through the standard PROMASQUE reconditioning, new interior, new hardware, and new cage.
What did YOUR MASK do last season?
Congratulation to John and all the Eagles on a fantastic season

John Muse 07 Click here

John Muse BC goalie mask right side John Muse BC goalie mask front John Muse BC goalie mask left side

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Here is our second example.......

Example 2-
The 2nd example is of a 19 year old PROMASQUE used by Doug Souliere.  Doug has been using the mask constantly since he acquired it.  The only updates have been receiving the standard reconditioning from PROMASQUE.  It still looks like Day One!

Doug & mask 

 Dougs 19yr old mask

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Example 3-
A TV reporter taking pucks from a Boni machine to the head

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