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Saving All the S'

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Goaltenders - Saving All the S'

After learning many of the basic fundamentals of goaltending such as all the A's, angles, agility, and awareness, it is now time to get to the next stage. This level is often referred to as the during and after stages by master goaltender Joe Bertagna.

The process of controlling pucks during these stages is often very difficult for the goaltender. He not only has to deal with the opponents offensive attackers but also a defense that disappears, backcheckers who glide in the defensive zone, and others who think the word "clear" means something that is transparent.

Many goaltenders cannot rely on their team to block and clear out shots.  You must take action on your own by learning the "S" competencies that can be used during and after the shot.  Hopefully these tips will help you develop all the S's.

Tip One;

S is for "squeezing" all the shots that can be caught with the glove.  Anything that can be caught high or low should be caught.

Tip Two:

S is for "steering" all shots with your body and equipment.  Direct pucks into the corner away from the opponents using stick, legs, and blocker.

Tip Three:

S is for "smothering" all rebounds on the ice and all pucks lodged in your equipment.  Learn to immediately look for rebounds and tie up as many as you can.

Tip Four:

S is for "sponge".  All shots that you can control should be absorbed like water to a sponge.   Bringing the chest over with strong stick cushion control will help you with these efforts.

Tip Five:

Finally, S is for "sizzle".  Learn to explode your movements to the right spots so that all during and after shots will melt into your control, not the opponents.

This article was contributed by Mike Geragosian of Mike Geragosian's All American Goalie Camps


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