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What is takes to be a Starting Goalie

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In any hockey game there can only be one goalie in net for each team. The road to a starting goalie position may be rocky for some and smooth for others depending upon the situation. There are definite attributes or characteristics that set apart the elite caliber goalie from the backups. All goalies must understand how much sweat it takes to stay ahead of the competition and comprehend that they must keep learning new techniques to keep up with a changing game.

When goalies are playing in youth leagues, there is little competition for jobs. If the goalie is the only one on his or her team, he can get very complacent. The goalie may have an extremely low goals-against-average which makes parents, coaches, or teammates believe that he is the next coming of Patrick Roy. The only drawback to the hoopla is that the goalie may only be facing 5 shots a game and the shooter can't lift the puck. The goalie thinks he is terrific and feels "entitled" to the starting job at the next level of play because he had great stats the year before. Once you start to believe your own press clippings, your downfall is imminent.

The first step towards earning a starting job is to realize that it must be earned. Too many people in our society want rewards handed to them because they feel they are entitled to them. The world does not owe us any favors. Just because you once showed some talent doesn't mean a coach will fall down and kiss your feet to beg you to play for him. Attitude means everything.

A good work ethic will allow a less talented goalie to beat out a goalie with more raw talent. There are multitudes of talent rich, but, attitude poor goalies that never see the ice time they want. These head cases are quick to blame the coach, the defensemen, the positioning, the moon, or the fans for poor performances. If you are always looking for excuses for goals against or losses, you are not starting goalie material because you don't have the guts to look at your game honestly. Goalies are leaders and if you are always blaming someone else for your misfortunes, you don't have the character to handle responsibility of a starting role.

Are you selfish? Do you put your needs before those of the team's? Some goalies are more concerned with their save percentage or goals-against-averages than they are about contributing to win games. Some of the best goalies in NHL history have had high goals-against-averages, but, great winning records because they made saves at key points in games without worrying about how many pucks have already gone in. Would you rather win 7-6 or lose 1-0?

To stay ahead of people who want your job, you must constantly be willing to learn and improve yourself in physical and mental aspects of the game. If you are complacent, other goalies who aren't afraid to try new things will pass you by. Do you do the same moves all the time to the point that you become predictable? Can you accept constructive criticism without becoming defensive? Do you play as hard in practice as you do in games? Are you in solid athletic shape or do you spend your days as a couch potato when you could be getting real exercise? Hockey alone won't make you an elite athlete, but, if you are an elite athlete, you will have a greater chance of becoming a great goalie.

How well do you handle adversity? If you have a bad game, do you sulk and go into the tank? A starting goalie should be foaming at the mouth to get into the next game to show that it was just an off night and nothing more. In a close game, are daring the opposition to score, or praying that no one will shoot at you? Great goalies want to be the last line of defense. They thrive on pressure and love to be in the net with a game on the line. Great goalies don't even like their teammates to beat them in practice, let alone games.

To earn a starting job, you must expect to work hard to beat out the other goalies. Once you gain the job, you must work hard to keep anyone else from gaining on you. Be a positive influence on your teammates, be the first on the ice and the last off, bust your butt in all drills and expect to make the big saves against all opponents no matter how weak or strong they are. Use all setbacks as temporary and strive to improve. This type of attitude will put you in line to earn the right to be the top goalie on your team.

This article was contributed by Fred Quistgard of Quistgard Goalie Traini


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