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Promasque Real Customer Reviews:

Matt -

The Mask looks awesome, by far exceeded expectations!
Let's hope it has a ton of saves in it.


Steve (SUNY Canton Kangaroos)

Hello Matt,

Great piece that they did on you on NH Chronicle!!!

I was also very impressed when I went to the Barn in Wilmington. The young man that you have working there was great. We had actually gone in there originally to get a mask and ended up leaving with pads. What impressed me was that he actually recommended to not get a mask! I was thinking to myself he doesnít care about making a sale and then he took the time to educate myself and my son about why he didnít need a $400 helmet. He told us that he would no problem selling us a mask if that is what we desired though. I thought that was a pretty stand up thing to do.

As we were in there I had asked him if he would mind just taking a moment to size him for pads to see what size he should be wearing and at no time did I tell him the size of my sons pads that he was wearing at the time. Turns out when your employee sized him my son was wearing a 27 inch pad (or smaller) and he recommended that he wear a 29 plus 1. I could have walked out of the Barn that day just leaving the $400 in my pocket instead I was so impressed with his approach **(unlike some of the very large hockey retailers in the area) that I ended up buying the 996s that my son tried on. Needless to say that when my son needs another set of Simmons pads I will be getting them from you! The day we went there we must have spent about an hour trying on pads, and your employee had him put his skates on with the pads and do butterflys, and pushing off etc. Great experience and I recommend the Goalie Barn to all of the parents in our goalie community here in Southern, NH and northern MA.



Hi Matt!

WOW, the mask is FANTASTIC!!!! I knew it would be good but this is AWESOME!!!! I am so impressed! You and your team out did yourselves.Compliments to everyone at Promasque! You have some very talented people working with you.

Nicole is absolutely thrilled! You made her a very happy young lady. She can't wait to wear it this Fall for her high school season. She will be calling you tomorrow to personally thank you.

I want you to know that I will continue to do my absolute best to promote Promasque every opportunity I get. You have an incredible product and are a class act! Thank you again for such an OUTSTANDING mask and for the opportunity to be a "member" of the Promasque sales team!

The mask is AMAZING, simply AMAZING!!!!!!

Thanks again! Talk with you soon.


Hi Matt, you are a true professional. I've done business with a lot of companies, some of the biggest names in the world and never have I professionally or personally had someone stand behind their product or service the way you are, promasque is simply outstanding.

Thank you,


Hi Matt:

Awsome news I got the mask!

What can I say other than wow!!! Thank you so so much ! Words cannot express how happy I am with the wway it turned out. I'm trying it on and playing withthe strap tension and with the chin sling. The fit is perfect.I don't think I even have to inflate the air back because the mask feels nice and snug in the forhead area.

I play around withthe tension on the straps and withthe sling untind the sweet spot. I love how you can adjust the sling via the velcro.

I'll send you an e-mail as soon as I test it out on the ice to let you know how I faired out. I can already tell you that the fit is way better than my Pro's choice.

My Promasque absolutley stays in place when I move my head from side to side.

Matt once again Thank you for the awsome work and and for the excellent customer service you showed me.

I'm not an Pro but have been treated like one from you.

All the Best!
Tony Bombardieri


We received the mask yesterday and it came out fantastic! Connor loved it and wore it last night while watching TV then slept with it. He's really looking forward to practice tonight to break it in. As Connor said..."this turned out even awesomer than I thought it would". He thought that the dogs were absolutely the best thing ever and the "zero club" patch on the back plate really made him happy. Thanks so much for getting it done and out prior to the Christmas break. Connor has a tourney next week and is ecstatic about debuting the mask.

Thanks again...the mask is already the talk of our youth hockey organization.

Mike S.

ĒThe following testimonial was written by a customer that was in a real time crunch for his sonís mask. Matt took the order just prior to his heart attack, directed the project with his painters while in the hospital, and personally assembled and delivered it the 3 days after heart surgeryÖĒ


I wanted to make sure I took some time to see how you are feeling a month later. You looked great when I picked up Shailer's Helmet at the hospital. I hope all is going perfect for you and your family.

I simply could not believe that you went so far out of your way to not let a customer down. You have redefined Customer Service and Satisfaction.

I wish you could have seen Shailer's face when he pulled the helmet out of the bag. He tried to be cool, but the 10 year old came out in him and he had the biggest "shit-eating" grin on his face I have ever seen. You made his season, let alone his day.

So, I would again like to extend my sincere thanks for going above and beyond in every way. The paint job is exceptional and you, as a person and business owner, are second to none.

Thank You
Russ E

Wow! Very nice!! Beth is really pleased! Thanks for all your hard work,
phone calls, and emails!

Wow, I canít believe how well it turned out. Thank you and supreme thanks to the artist. You guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just received my mask and I don't know what to say! My Promasque is twenty five years old and is a testament to your craftsmanship and attention to detail that I could even consider refurbishment and a paint job. It is said that the art work on a goaltender's mask is a reflection of their personality. You guys literally crawled inside my mind and captured who I am! I took the mask out of the box and spent the next forty five minutes enjoying the minute details of Erich's artwork.

Thinking back, I never had a concern that I would get basically a brand new mask and mind blowing artwork. To me, that just shows how genuine you and your staff are. Promasque is the one stop shop for goalie masks, period.

"Shine on you crazy diamond."


Brad Johnson
Red Wing, MN

Dear Matt:

You certainly place customer care and satisfaction at the top of Your priority List. Attention to detail in sizing & customer fitting for the equipment I was purchasing exceeded my expectations. Additionally, in providing your background and experience in your chosen profession has
certainly increased my confidence in you and the product(s) I was purchasing. Absolutely amazing Matt! I left your shop feeling confident and satisfied that I had made the absolutely corrct choice in doing Business with you. Thank you Matt. For all the help. You have a new customer for LIFE my friend...!


Denis Parent


Got the mask I have worn it on the ice on three occasions now. Wow what a difference I have been playing for over 20 years from house leagues, rec leagues and through college (exluding hiatus during the past five years) and this is the first mask that actually fits! In the past I always had a habit of making various twitchingmotions with my neck and head in an effort to properly see through the cage. I really didn't realize that I did thathad this mask on. There wasno need for those motions as the mask fits and the sweet visionary spot is always proper. Good stuff... now I have to find other excuses why a goal goes in! Thanks again.


Hey Matt, got the mask Tues. Fits like a glove. Thanks
so much for your service. Its refreshing these days to work with a Co.  that
delivers when they say they are.


Michael Frenza

Hello Matt,

I thought you might like these pictures. Not only is the mask great quality, but the paint job is better than we imagined. My son has worn the mask for several years and it still looks fabulous. I am so glad we let you take control of the design. You did a wonderful job. We have recommended you highly. Best Wishes to you and your staff from a loyal customer.

Ann Marie

Michaels Mask:
Michaels Mask Michaels Mask

Hi Matt,

Ben MaskJust want to "Thank You" again for the fantastic job you and your artist did on my daughter's mask. She absolutely love it. She was completely in awe when she saw it especially noticing the personalize art on it. Please convey my compliments to your artist as well as the craftmanship of the mask. She has already used it taking a few shots on the mask and can feel the difference between her factory made Vaughan mask and her ProMasque. Absolutely top notch.

Thanks again and we will definitely recommend anyone looking for a goalie mask to make sure they order it from you.

Take care,


Hi Matt,

I received the Mask yesterday. The mask looks awesome. Thank you for doing
such a great job with
it, Please thank the painter as well. **I find it rare to have my
expectations surpassed by so much. The vision I had in my mind of what
it would look like dwarfed in comparison to the finished product. I hope
you have a Happy Holiday season.



 It was great meeting you and seeing all that gear. Your collection is fantastic.. I got the reconditioned mask back. My play might not improve but the mask never felt this good. Iím sitting at the keyboard wearing it. Iíll drop by and chew your ear off again. Thanks for the quick turnaround. Regards,



Got the mask in earlier today and everything is perfect!  Fits like a charm, no headaches or wide spaces between the backplate and my noggin, solid as a very light rock (and more so)!  Thanks again for all the help, understanding and patience throughout these weeks.


The mask is fantastic. Heís played in a couple of games recently and taken some shots to the forehead. In his old store-bought mask he would say that shots off the head would make his ears ring. In the promasque, he hasnít felt a thing. Iíll send some photos of him in action some time this FallÖmaybe he could be the featured goalie some month.

Thanks again,


Hi, Matt:

An extremely long overdue note of thanks! Ike is crazy about his masque. From when he first broke it out in the locker room and stepped on the ice back in August, he has been swamped with compliments. His coaches at his practice range think it is the best they have seen. I was unaware that one of the coaches gave Ike the idea for the Mike and Ike's but had no idea that Ike went with it. The coach couldn't believe it when he saw his idea turned into reality! There were several nights after team practices started when it took us a while to get home because parents were asking Ike to take his helmet out of his bag to see it up close. One of the highest compliments for Ike came through his 16 year old sister, a junior in high school (who does her best not to give him the time of day): one of her hockey playing classmates stopped her in the hall to tell her that her brother's masque was "SICK!"

Granted, it is was fun getting all that attention on how the masque looked, but he is even happier with how well he can see and how well protected he feels. I think it has certainly improved his confidence. And I feel a lot better too, believe me.

Again, thank you being so patient with us and delivering a product that performs as great as it looks.

All the best,

Eric Osbun

New cage looks amazing! Thanks for the great work and new airbag too. You rock!

Buffalo, NY

Hi Matt! I got the mask today, it looks awesome!!!!! Fits great as expected. I canít wait to start using it!


Hey Matt,
Got the mask yesterday - Amazing refurbish work with less than a two turn-around. Thank You.
Leonard Zebrowski

The mask arrived Tues afternoon. As always, your service is impeccable.

Thank you again,
Tom and Gianluca Allen


Sorry I haven't sent this email. I received the helmet two weeks ago and just love it. You guys have a great product and a great painter. I appreciate it and thanks again.



I can't thank you enough for my helmet! I absolutely love it. My family loves it, my team loves it! Its a HUGE hit! Thank you so much for all your recommendations, advice, and patience with me through this process. I will forever recommend you and your business! It couldn't be more perfect.

Teraysa White


Received my mask today, and just needed to let you know it looks perfect. Thanks to you and your technicians for bringing an old mask back to life. I am sure it will serve me well another 10 years, if I last that long.

You guys did a fantastic job!

Thanks again,

Steve McGreevy

Hey matt,
Sorry i didn't get htis back to you sooner! it is AWESOME! I can't wait
to use it in a game. Thank you and all of the staff at promasque that
help all of us young goalies out. I am pumped to use it for the first
time at camps this summer. You guys are awesome! Thanks again!

Princeton, NJ


We just received Chris' mask and are in total shock. The detail is incredible and looks better than I imagined.

The guys at the firehouse want me to display it on the shelf!! It fits great on Chris, looks great and I know he'll be fully protected. Once again I'd like to thank you and your crew for a fantastic product.

Brian Henestofel


ďThis is the best investment I ever made.  I havenít gotten knocked out cold from a shot to the head since I started wearing it.  Unfortunately, the hits to the head prior to the Promasque have taken their toll.  My team often finds me wandering around the crease mumbling to myself and droolingÖ.

Tim  /  Massachusetts.



Sorry this has taken so long. My son Jacob and I wanted to thank your
for the awesome job you and your paint team did on his helmet. If you recall he had the half robotic RED ROBIN with the puck in its beak. When we
received it, it was even more awesome than I could've imagined. I can say,
without a doubt, that I feel he has the coolest helmet in the state of
Wisconsin. The detail on the pain job is insane, and the glitter in the
fiery red eyeballs was a very nice touch. Also, it is without a doubt, the
most comfortable helmet he has ever had. Feel free to use any of these
comments to promote your great masks. Thanks again.

Troy and Jacob Sennholz
Antigo, Wi

 Hey there Matt I just wanted to thank you for the extra work you did on my helmet stitching the straps on the back plate was a great ideal. I never had an airbag in it before I love it. Again thank you and keep up the good work GOD bless you and yours.

Captain Morgan

Hi Matt,  

I got the mask last week and it's perfect. It's exactly what I had pictured. I had it on today in practice and it felt really comfortable on my head. Thank you so much for making the mask for me and for designing the mask. 

Thanks again,

CJ Isgur

Hi Matt,

Just wanted to drop you a quick line.........Jake had only one practice following a month of recovery from a concussion, but his very first game back was a shutout against a junior team from the Empire league in the Northwood School Invitational Tournament!!  The next game was a tie (2-2) with another Junior team.  He loves the mask!!  He said it was SICCCKKK following his shutout win!  He has taken some significant shots to the head, but no headaches!  I think we have a winner here!

 Thanks again for getting this to him so quickly.  I know it has made a difference in his confidence in this tournament, especially after being off the ice completely for a month.

We'll be in contact soon about having the mask painted, as soon as he settles on a design.

Warm Regards,



I thought of you again Friday night at Paul's game. There were a couple of players from Portsmouth Abbey scouting the game and, in chatting with them, I mentioned that my son was the goalie for St George's. They lit up and said, "That mask is INSANE!!!" Yet another adjective to add to the list people use when they see the incredible work of art you guys produced. The only problem with it is that I wince every time he takes a shot off of it :)

Matt, got the mask today and it looks AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for
making those changes. I love it. You guys do great

Thanks again!


Matt......great job, most appreciative in the way
you handled everything...Merry Christmas!

Matt...received the masks and both have worked out perfectly...big thanks!

Hey Matty:

Just a note to say thanks for taking such good care of Peter and getting him all set with the new mask. He absolutely loves it and says he sees much better than with the old one. Last night was the first time he wore it in a bantam game. I'm not making this up--a few minutes into the game, the FIRST shot on him from just inside the top of the right circle was a hard wrist shot which caught him right in the cage (right between the eyes, he said). I was cracking up at the irony of the situation so the other parents probably think I'm some kind of sicko. Anytime he got hit wearing the old mask, there was always some mention of where his head hurt. Not this time. He told me heard a little "ping" but felt nothing else. He's very excited about having it and looking forward to the upcoming paint job.

Thanks again for the peace of mind, especially now that the Con Val winter midget season is underway. Have a nice holiday.

Anthony Dangelantonio

Hey Matty,

I've been meaning to get back to you and let you know much I love the mask.  The colors work perfectly together and I cant say enough about the gold plating on the state house.  Thank you so much for helping me bring my idea to life. 


Ryan Mula

I just received the medium size back plate I
ordered from you to complete the Promasque helmet I recently purchased. I
just wanted to say working with you was a pleasure and the back plate is
outstanding. I am a stickler for details. I am very impressed with the
placement of, and the finish of the strap holes as well as the finish of the
plate itself. Thanks again for
your service, Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Tom Fazzi Roseville,

I have bought 2 masks from Matt. Both were exceptional quality. Not only was the initial sale great, Matt's service after the sale was excellent.

I got my first mask from Matt in 1995, and it lasted until 2009. Over the 14 year life of that mask, I had it reconditioned by Matt twice, and had the cage replaced 4 times. Every transaction was a breeze, and product was at my door on or before the quoted delivery time.

I got my second mask from Matt in 2009. it was a completely custom paint job, and Matt provided suggestions and input through the whole process. During this transaction, I was dealing with Matt from a distance, and he went out of his way to make me feel comfortable with the design and fit of my new mask BEFORE I sent him a nickel.

I would recommend Matt and Promasque without hesitation to anyone looking for a goalie mask that has not only eye popping designs, but superior fit and protection."
Service Category: Custom Goalie Mask Designer/Builder
Year first hired: 1995 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Pete Aldrich

Hi Matt,

 I just wanted to thank you for making my experience with Promasque first rate.  While I am only a men's league recreationally hockey goalie, I felt like I received the same attention as your professional and collegiate clients.  From our extensive first discussions about quality of the product to the concepts behind the custom paint work I always felt like a VIP. 

 The custom paint work was all that I expected and more.  I have received nothing but rave reviews from everyone who has looked at the finished product.  Considering the theme of the paint, probably the best compliment was from my nine year old nephew who said that the painting was creepy.  I appreciate all of the input you provided to take my initial thoughts and enhance them with so many extras.  It really made the design.

 Seeing the final product was only upstaged by the performance of the helmet.  It was light weight, fit like it was molded specifically for my face and allows for excellent vision.  It is the ultimate in performance and comfort.  I have used the product for a few weeks now and have seen an improvement in my confidence and subsequently in my game. 

Thank you again for an awesome experience.  It was truly a pleasure, and I look forward to many happy victories using your excellent product.


 Rob Borrelli


Quite simply , its gorgeous, the wood looks absolutely real, the skulls are awesome, that eye on the back plate is crazy've totally outdone yourselves this time. Everyone who sees it is freaking out!!! thx again for yet another masterpiece!!!!!

Jim Turturici


Quite simply , its gorgeous, the wood looks absolutely real, the skulls are awesome, that eye on the back plate is crazy've totally outdone yourselves this time. Everyone who sees it is freaking out!!! thx again for yet another masterpiece!!!!!

Jim T.

Hey Matt,

By the way my Sportmask finally made it
back (shell was replaced, thankfully), and after putting them both on
I can't believe how much better your mask fit.  I felt like my head
was wobbling around in my Sportmask, I have a feeling it'll be for
sale pretty quickly!

Thanks again for all your help!



I received my mask back on Thursday. You did a superior job restoring the interior. It sure needed it!!!   I see you made some changes in there. I really like the larger sweat band! Thanks again for great American quality & unsurpassed service!!

Thanks Russ

Matt ,

Jordan's mask arrived today and it was well worth the wait, the quality of it is first rate and the  replica paint job is everything that I hoped it would be. Jordan has 2 other masks and  after putting on his new Promasque he refuses to wear his other helmet. As soon as I walked in the door from work he had his new Promasque in his hand and he was explaining to me the difference in craftsmanship, fit and finish. I could not believe how much better his new Promasque fit him,  as well as how comfortable it looked on him. As long as Jordan is playing hockey  he will  only be  wearing a Promasque helmet .


Mr. Brant

My only disappointment  is that I didn't buy him one sooner

Just so you know, the kid slept in it last night , he wont take it off or let it leave his site , he cant believe how comfortable it is , I tried it on and it wouldn't get even onto my head, however Matt he really loves it , cant say thanks enough , I will get a picture of him for you this weekend in all his pads  on the ice , once again , thanks perfect fit


Hey!  I just received my mask.  I love what an incredible job you guys did
on it!  The first thing I said was that I couldn't use it, because it was
too nice looking!  Thanks so much for the help in putting it together for
me, it's Greatttttt!"


Hi Matt.

I got the helmet in the mail about a month ago. Thank you so much. It fits well. Thank u!!!! I love the mask!

Thanks again!!

Brandon brown 


Thank you so MUCH !!!!!!! Evan LOVES the MaskÖ.It is exactly what he hoped for in a paint job and I as his father is thrilled that he is protected by the finest mask made!!!!



Evans mask link


That's great. Thanks for the great service - we're looking forward to welcoming Promasque #4 into the family!

Best, Joe O

finally took a great shot off of my Promasque.  I felt the impact in my neck and a slight sting to my cheeks and that is it. I stand 100% by this mask and its half the weight of the mask most of the pro's wear. I think from this point forward you can consider me a Promasque guy, so long Itech and thanks for all the weight......

So a giant thank you to Matt at Promasque for making such an amazing product!

Troy in Minneapolis

I really appreciate the costumer service you guys have giving me.  I will never buy from anyone else and I will always recommend you to others.

Thanks again,

Vincent Scott


got my helmet yesterday, and I am very pleased with the final product.  The fit was perfect with the extra padding in the cheeks, and I couldn't have been more thrilled at the paint.  Thanks for all the work.

If you ever need a Canadian "rep" to trumpet the benefits of Promasque let me know.  I would be happy to help you out.

Many Thanks,

Pete Aldrich

 Just a short note to tell you how pleased I am with my newly, painted, refurbished mask! I really like it!! The mask feels even more protective now that it has been gone over thoroughly. Good thing too, my summer league has several NHL players, many more Division 1 college level players. I feel lucky to be able to play with these guys. Already tested the mask a couple of times, shots to the head. These guys can really fire that puck!! Theyíre always apologetic afterwards, asking if Iím OK. Of course, I say, Iím wearing my ProMasque!! Both times, just a slight jar, thatís all. No more snaps popping off!! I love it!!!

Thanks for everything youíve done!

One very pleased customer,
Bill Wilson


Just a note to let you know what a GREAT product (and insane paint job on top of it) you made for my son Matthew. My wife and I were apprehensive at first about spending a little more on a goalie helmet, but now after Matt's first season as goalie we are THRILLED with our decision to go with ProMasque. During the season Matt took at least TWELVE HARD shots off the mask. My wife and I were of course truly worried each time it happened! When asked after the game about them he said grinning with confidence " I didn't feel anything at all, but I heard the thud", we knew we made the right choice. He has moved up 4 LEVELS for this upcoming season and we know that your ProMasque has played a tremendous part in his success. He is playing with the utmost confidence which for a 10 year old up and coming goalie is most important. My wife and I can't express our gratitude enough to you and your product, and it goes without saying that Matt will be in a ProMasque for the rest of his career(however long that may be)!!!!   


Jon and Sue Rayburn, Northborough, Ma

P.S. We just went to the goalie barn on your website and we would like to order The Simmons Junior Ultra light 5 Pads, Blocker, and Catch Glove for the upcoming season.... Thanks JON


I just wanted to thank you and the artist for doing such a wonderful job painting my mask. I (and my girlfriend) absolutely love it! Itís literally exactly what I pictured in my head and more. The customer service was perhaps the best Iíve ever had anywhere! I will definitely refer any of my buddies looking to get their masks done to you. Also, I know exactly where Iím going next time I need a mask or another paintjob. Thank you again so much!

-Matt Goshorn

Super Mario Goalie Mask Front Super Mario Goalie Mask Right side Super Mario Goalie Mask Left side Super Mario Goalie Mask Forehead Super Mario Goalie Mask back plate

Had a mask done in a Grateful Dead theme and it is the BEST !!

Anyone who gets a mask anywhere else will get HOSED !!

Matty and his product are the BEST !!

Joe Oleary

Hello Matt,

What can I say but ... WOW!.. You out did yourselves!

 My wife's birthday present looks spectacular!  She is going to love it and it matches her current equipment very well.

I am super impressed!

Small Dos XX Mask

Thank you!

Hi Matt

   Thought you might like to know, Collin finished 4th in the goalies world magazine rankings for the emjhl. He has been asked to a camp in the NAHL for a look.

He adjusted to the new mask very quickly, has taken some zingers off the helmet with no ringing, feels this is the best mask he has ever worn, and it is all about a goalie being confident, rightÖ.

Thanks again



   I just wanted to follow up with you on Alex's season. Alex probably had one of his best seasons in his short career. His team went undefeated in league play, won the New York State Championship and came in 3rd place at the Nationals.. Through this long and grueling season we played teams from all over and in our opinion no goalie had a better paint job than Alex's in terms of design, workmanship and quality. I am convinced that you have to be comfortable with your equipment and look good to play good. Thanks for your part in making Alex's season a great success.



Matt honestly Iīm impressed, really a fantastic job a BIG,HUGE THANX to all of you who participated on making this mask.
Anthony Thumbnail
Anthony in Germany

Afghanistan HelicopterI got the helmet, it looks great!  I can't tell you how awesome I think it came out...and it fits perfectly too.  I'm surprised at how light weight it is compared to other helmets I've had.  I can't wait to get out on the ice with it though.  I appreciate all the hard work you all did, please pass my thanks along to anyone that had a hand in it.  I will most definitely be in touch in the future if I'm looking for another custom helmet!

Nick T serving in Afghanistan  (Mask was shipped directly there)

I'm going on my 13th year with my ProMasque. Just an unbelievable product you've created, Matt. I never thought I would get that kind of durability on any type of goalie gear. Worth every penny.

Bill in Illinois

 Hi Matt,

The helmet is 14 years old and going strong!  Best equipment purchase I have ever madeÖtoo bad you donít make sticks.

John P. Bruns

Great job you and your painter really hit the mark with these, I love them... You were right about the new molds fitting a little slimmer, definitely a snugger fit than my first one. Thanks again for everything, and I've put a link on my Senior hockey site to you guys and will post some pictures and try to send some business your way!
Chad Clark

Hey Matty!

Man, no words can express! I can't help but keep staring at it. I'm actually glad I went with the decision to get it painted; on a real mask!

The mask is pretty much what I imagined, right down to the coat of arms

Take care,
Peter Medina

Hey Matt,
Steph loves her mask! 

Tom's mask arrived last Thursday and he loves it. He loves the color!!!
Very nice piece of work.  He wore it in a game Sunday for the first time and took a puck off of it.  He never felt it.

Thanks for everything.  I think his head is in good hands.


Hi Matt,
I have noticed just about all our upper level goalies (Bantam/Midgets) are now wearing your goalie masks.
Awesome product.
Rich (Ben) Benedict 

Blakeís new mask came a few weeks ago and I just wanted to write and tell you how pleased we are with it. We purchased the Promasque XDK and we have already found out what a great product it truly is and that it was definitely worth every penny we paid for it. Blake has taken several high speed impacts to the mask and cage already without so much as a scratch and Blake reports that it feels much more solid, and safer, than his old Kevlar mask. The fit is fantastic and it looks beautiful too. It is obviously designed to withstand the type of impacts that he will receive playing against the national competition my 14 year-old son regularly faces. He seemed to gain confidence from wearing this mask and it may not be a coincidence that he had three straight shutouts after he began playing with his new mask.

I also want to compliment you and your company. You could not have been more responsive. The design was basically Blakeís but your added suggestions and the benefits of your experience were perfect. You and your painter made my sonís ideas into a reality that he is just ecstatic about. Blake is constantly getting compliments and he is so proud of his mask. The whole process was quick and easy and my questions were answered quickly, fully and professionally. The personal attention you gave to me and the mask as it went through its manufacture told me a great deal about the pride you have in your company and in the quality of the product you produce. I was looking for a pro level custom mask and I got even more than I was seeking.

I would recommend this mask to anyone for their son or daughter (or themselves) as the perfect hybrid between personalized beauty and the ultimate in protection.

Thank you so much. We will definitely be a return customer.

Brian (and Blake) Ducker

Orange, California

Back to top

Hi Matt,

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did on my mask. I have never tried on a mask that has fit so well, or felt as light as this one. And as for the paint job, it is so much better then I could have ever imagined. You can really tell the quality and care that you and everyone else involved has put into it and I am very grateful.

Thanks again,
Russ Mann

 Hi Matt

I received my mask and all I can say is WOW.  The quality and craftsmanship are top notch, and the paint jobÖ incredible!!  Please extend my thanks to the artist for his creativity and talent.  Iíve never worn a mask that was so comfortable and lightweight!  Thanks again for the outstanding job, youíve earned a customer for life!

Good Morning Matt,

I've been meaning to email you, and now I finally am. I had purchased an XDK ProMasque helmet probably about 2 months ago, and I cannot even begin to tell you the difference between my old and new helmets!! I absolutely LOVE this helmet. The main reason for a new helmet was because of concussion #9 after being hit in the forehead with a point-blank slapshot, and this concussion was my worst by far.

I had to take well over a month off of hockey, and finally about 2 1/2 months after getting hit, I'm really feeling and playing like my old goalie self. Of course since returning to the ice, I've been getting more shots to the head than ever, and my head is SO much more protected than before -- apparently you aren't supposed to hurt and have ringing ears every time you get hit in the head-- go figure!

A huge thank you to you and to ProMasque, your helmets are far superior. (And the HECC Cat-Eye Mask is working out great!) I recommend your helmet at every chance I get. When the time does come around, I will definitely send my helmet in for reconditioning-- we had spoken about being diligent about reconditioning. I have to be very careful with my head, and I trust your judgment. (The foam and padding in my old helmet is hard as a rock...I didn't realize how bad of shape the inside was in.)

Enjoy your day!

Vicki Castellon

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Just got Kyle's mask and to say that it came out great would be and understatement !!! What a fantastic job you and your staff did. The paint job is phenomenal and could not be better if I had been there to tell you how to put it on step by step. I want to thank you for all your help in getting through this with us and we really do appreciate everything you did. What a tribute this mask is to all the firefighters out there who gave their all on that very tragic day and those that continue to do so today. Kyle will show that he supports them and their families every time he steps on the ice.  He has it in his blood. I will get pictures to you ASAP. Once again, Thank you.

John, JoAnne and Kyle Stephens
Proctor High School - Utica NY
Clinton Midgets Youth Hockey - Clinton NY


Just wanted to thank you and tell you how much Christian loves his new goalie mask! He got to use it all this week at goalie camp and was very proud to do so! Thanks for making this such an easy process. I'll be sure to tell everyone where to go for their goalie masks from now on!



Hello Matt,

We wanted to be certain that you know how much Joseph LOVES his helmet! We had prepared him to know that his exact vision would be impossible for you to match and he needed to be happy with the result anyway. However, it is perfect! We all find it amazing that from our talking on the phone and couple of emails you were able to do such a perfect job of matching his ideas. He is thrilled with the paint and the fit and can't wait to get on the ice. He finished camp and does not have ice time until this Wednesday so he has yet to play in it. Will let you know how that the mean time...THANKS SO MUCH for a perfect job!

Sheila Abruzzo

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Hi Matt,

I received my Mask from you the week before last and wanted to send you an email of thanks.  I absolutely love this Helmet! You would not know that it was not brand new. It is totally awesome!

I have played several games with this new cage and love having a perfect fitting top of the line mask!

Basically. I got a $450 custom fitted mask for under $300. I highly recommend your service and have already told anyone who will listen about your company.

You can absolutely use me a a reference!

Thanks Matt!

Larry Allen


Just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much I am enjoying my mask.

I have been hit several times in the noodle and no ringing or nothing.

Also, my son and I attended a Planet Hockey camp last week and the coaches, from Sweden, Canada and the States, all said it looked great and they loved the air bag system!  I still have not been able to take any good action pics but as soon as I do, I will send some to you.

Thanks again, Matt.

All the best,


Dear Matt,

We wanted to thank you so much for the great paint job on our sonís helmet.  It was a great success at the tournament this past weekend.  Your turnaround time was perfect.  I have attached pictures.  My son was delighted.  As in the past, it was once again a pleasure doing business with you.  Now he has a great helmet with a great paint job.  It was hard not to buy all the photos at the tournament.  The photographer loved the helmet so much that there were approximately 20 pictures of him per game.  (Note:  I only saw two of the other goalie).

Thanks again,

Danny & Ann Marie Mastrogiacomo
Derry, NH

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I canít thank you enough for doing what you did for Nick, and so fast! He absolutely loves the helmet he had his first night of tryouts last night and as we expected it was perfect, he has great vision with the new cage and incredible comfort. Thank you again for taking the time and for making these phenomenal pieces of equipment, we will be contacting you soon for paint.

Thank you,

Sincerely Jim, Patti & Nick Villa

It looks incredible! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! And thank you so much for the cage! I've got a lifetime supply. I was hoping the little guy would look ok and he sure does...looks MEAN on top!
This is going to look and feel brand new. You now use plastic buckles again?
I can't wait to try it!!!! I will be sending action pics soon!
Again, thank you Matt. You have a friend and loyal customer for as long as I lace them up.
Tom Ryan

That new mask from Matt.... Awesome.

Black with gold sparkles to match the gold cat eye shield.  He has taken some serious shots of it, and said, all he heard was a pop.

Sunday nights game, Coach Barry Solomon came up and said he played great.  I said..... he took some off the head for it..... he said "I counted four".  And when I asked Chris on the ride hone "How many hit your head"..... response "I don't know".  Usually he would know..... but he never flinched and maintained his concentration.

The gold cat eye shield looks really cool. Wait until you see it.


Hi Matt,

I got my helmet back the other day and can't thank you enough!  You guys did such a great job, I can't even find the words to describe it.  Every inch of the helmet was even better than I could possibly imagine.  You have been such a great help from the very beginning of the process, and truly have a great mind and eye for what makes a painted helmet look good.  I can't wait to wear it for my next game and show the other guys on my team.  Thanks again, Matt.

Tim Kane

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Dear Matt,

I just received my mask today (Monday March 5th).  I love it.  You did a great job reconditioning it.  I can wait to start using it again.  Thank you for the prompt service in reconditioning and sending it back to be.  I will recommend your masks to every goalie I know.

Thank You,
Vince Finore


Hope all is well. Just have to say the new lid has been great, and passed the first big test last night.

We have a couple of Russian kids who join us for our Monday skate from time to time. One of them is 6'4", roughly 215, and has a booming shot. I'd estimate it's close to 100 mph. All I know is I haven't seen a shot that hard and fast since college.

Anyway, he gets the puck off a turnover at the blue line, and I see him go for that big wind-up and get way out on top of the crease. He got all of it, and the shot was a riser, and hit me right on the cage by my right cheek. As I always expect with a Pro Masque, I heard the "PING!", but didn't get shaken up at all, and was still in the play as the puck found its way behind the net. I know of no other mask that could allow me to get hit that hard without missing a beat. I was back on my feet, back in the net, and stopping a wraparound right after. The cage now has a small dent in it, but that's much better than a dented brain!

Of course, it happened my fiancťe was there to watch, and she wasn't to happy to see me get hit in the noggin. She thanks you from the bottom of her heart that my head is still in one piece. She now understands why I would never wear any other mask.

Thanks again,

Dax Arguello

Dear Matt,

Awesome job on my mask!!!   I could not not be happier.  I will wear it with pride and tell everyone where I got it.  My daughter is 10 years old, and wants a mask painted up too.  She wants something in an evil hello kitty theme.  I will look you up again, when she earns it.


Costa /  Massachusetts

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Hey Matt,

I got the mask and it looks great!  Wyatt is going to love the mask.

It was delivered to my house by UPS at 7:30am!!

You did a fine job, thanks



I just have to say thanks.  The mask is beautiful! that skull is badass!  And it will look great from afar too!  Dealing with you has been great and I will definitely refer your mask to others as well as painter.

Thanks again for everything.



I just can not believe I just received the mask!  You have to be one of the most AMAZING mask makers to do business with!!  The mask is absolutely beautiful and you were correct - the approved cat eye cage is great!

I can not thank you enough for the mask, the great price & the great service!!


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I just wanted to take a minute and send a quick note to you.

First of all let me tell you what a pleasure it has been to deal with you throughout the entire mask shopping experience. I am self employed as well and getting people to return phone calls is sometimes harder than shopping for an item itself. You on the other hand, were very prompt in response to questions we had and were very helpful in helping us choose the right mask for our son. After receiving the mask originally, Connor our son was extremely happy with the look and feel of the mask right out of the box. After a few weeks, we sent the mask back to you with "quite a detailed" list of requests for a custom paint job and boy was Connor happy with what arrived. Let me tell you, he has been patiently waiting for several weeks for the mask to arrive and today August 18, which happens to be his birthday just happened to be the day it arrived. I can honestly say that no other present would have brought the smile to his face like seeing this mask for the first time did. The artist who did the work is truly amazing and he captured everything that Connor was looking for on the mask. Please extend our appreciation to him when you talk to him again. Your a first class organization and I will be glad to recommend as many people as I can to you.

Thanks again for all of your help,

Wayne McWilliams

Hi Matty,

Thank you sooooo much!  All Brants friends were blown away by the mask!  Brant says he has awesome visibility with the helmet and cage!  Even pucks to the cage never mind the helmet were so much better than the wjd or itech mask he had!  The quality surpassed even what we thought it would be, and we had pretty high expectations, even the bag was top notch! What was really surprising is how light the XDK helmet is for being so protective, and there is no way the helmet could ever fly off with player sticks flying at his head down on the ice.  It fits like a dream and is unbelievable comfortable, not to mention the throat collar you tied on is perfectly placed and doesn't bother him at all!  We really can't say or thank you enough for all you've done for our son and goalies everywhere who are fortunate enough to wear your product!   Thanks for everything Matty, I hope you had a great few days off! You' ve definitely got new satisfied clients in us for life, and we will be sure to spread the word.

Dana Clancy

Hey Matt,

We received Cameronís mask yesterday and all I can say is WOW!!   We love it.  It fits Cameron perfectly and he canít wait for the season to start so he can show it off.

Thanks so much,

Mary Catherine Gray


The Mask arrived this afternoon. It looks outstanding. I sent it home for Keenan to check out at lunchtime and he is beside himself. After waiting so long I cannot believe that it could possibly exceed his expectations but I think it has. I will report back after he has had a chance to use it in play. Thank you once again. We will be in touch to let you know how it works and we will spread the good word about your business.

Foster Wallace

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