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My husband spoke to your wife about a week ago to express our thanks, but I just wanted to take some time to send you a note of appreciation for all you did.

We received the new goalie mask, and we must say..... we love it!! Our son was ecstatic when he saw it. It is just as he pictured it. The quality of the paint job is tremendous, and we all LOVE IT!!! Please pass on our thanks to your painter. I don't know what else to say, but I will send a photo when the season starts.

All our thanks!!

The Gorda's


Just wanted to thank-you for the unbelievable job you did on my mask.

It looks even better than I imagined. You run a first class operation and I couldn't have asked for better service. If you are ever in the area (Don Simmons), let me know, I will buy you a few beers. Take care and I will spread the good word about your masks.

Thanks again,

Mike Chase
Buffalo, NY  

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Hey Matty:

Just wanted to let you know that i love the helmet. I remember when i first looked at your site i read the reviews and i didn't think anything could have made me react like that...until i got the helmet. One word that sums it up.....solid. Its just a solid piece of equipment....and i only have the classique!. I used to get minor headaches about an hour after getting hit really hard, but in three skates with the pro-masque i have taken two really hard to the forehead, the other on the chin with nothing but smiles afterwards. Just an amazing experience Matt. Thanks again for everything. I want to try and get you a couple of pics in the near future. I'll let you know as soon as i am ready for the custom paint that we talked about, even though i REALLY love the harvard maroon. Thanks again Matty. Talk to you soon.



Mask is here.  Looks great!  Thanks a ton Matty, you’re a class act.  I will definitely let people know about Pro-Masque!



I just got in from hockey and the UPS guy was at my door.  I just want to say it was well worth the wait.  The paint job looks really cool.  I cant wait to show the guys at the next game.  I also want to say thank you for making a great mask.  I really love my new mask.  It's so much lighter that my old one.  You really know what your doing.  I wish I was a pro goalie because I would endorse your masks in a heart beat.  I have gotten a lot of questions about mine by some of the goalies I play against and I just tell them to check out your web site.  I hope I cant at least send someone your way.  Well thanks again and I'll let you know when I'm ready for the Roli paint job.



I have to tell you, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the XDK.

During last nights game it got pretty physical deep in my end and wound up getting pushed into the crease.  Needless to say I wound up with a two handed baseball swing to the side of the head, caught the mask flush.  If this happened in any of my previous masks I would have at least had my hearing ringing for quite some time, worst case another concussion.  Well let me tell you, I barely even felt it and heard a ping.  Nothing more, the guy seems quite surprised that I did not even flinch after his swing.

So after the game ends, I take the mask off for inspection.  You guessed it not even a scratch on the side of the mask.  Like I said earlier I am impressed with the quality that the mask is built with, and obviously the safety that comes along with that.

Thanks Matt!!

Scott Berlin 

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Three years ago I bought one of your helmets for my daughter Kristin after she had to sit out a couple of games with a concussion while playing her freshman year at Salve Regina University.  During her four years as the starting goalie for Salve she played 67 games making 3202 saves, including 93 saves in one game and 1001 saves in her final season.  She also earned Goalie of the week honors twice in her senior year, was named the team MVP and earned a mention in USA Hockey for her 1001 saves in one season.

Even with all these shots she never received another concussion which I know was because of the helmet.  She also received many complements on the art work.

In August Kristin accepted the position as Assistant Coach for Salve Regina University Women’s hockey team.

Thank you again for making a wonderful product which I know saved my daughters brain.

Patricia Suslowicz

Hi Matt:

After wearing my new mask around the house and the office for a few weeks, I finally got a chance to wear it on the ice last night. In a word, WOW!

For the first time in almost 20 years of goaltending I have something on my head that fits. The visibility is great. The airflow is as good as can be expected, and the mask just looks wonderful. While I have not yet taken a shot to the head, it is clear the quality construction of this mask will protect my head and face better than anything else I've used.

Thanks for the great mask!


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Here is a picture of my son Derek Spencer, he plays for Rochester Youth Hockey.  He has been wearing the Pro-masque you made for him for over a year now and he loves it.

Last year as a Pee Wee he played up to the Bantam level and he and his team won the Seacoast Championship.  This year he is playing Bantam 1 and he also practices with the Midget Major 2 team.  I believe the Pro-Masque gives him the confidence, at just 13 years old, to play with the High School kids.

Thanks so much for making such a great product.

Michael Spencer

Hi Matt,

Isaac and I were talking about you tonight and wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful helmet you made. Yes, it did arrive safe and sound in Las Vegas. Isaac’s team took the gold from LA after a rough game and broken bones. Isaac says the mask makes him feel more confident – that “my head is in good hands.” Thanks for the safety, thought, intelligence and skill that went into its making. And please thank the artist for us. We hope you are well and that we can continue to do business with you. Take Care.

Catherine and Isaac


I am including a couple of pictures for you. One of Brick with Team USA roller (Gold medal in World Cup and Silver in Junior Olympics) and two of his mask. If you look close, you will see a distinct bend in the double wire center portion of the cage and the subsequent "push" mark just below the eagle's beak. I don't need to explain to you the type of impact it takes from a puck to do this kind of damage. We are so fortunate that we found you and your company. Without this mask my son would have been knocked senseless and possibly knocked out, or in the hospital! If you look to the right of this bend, he had another - about one month ago on the side, that also bent the cage, but nothing compared to this one. The shot direct to the center double bar was the first shot that he said he ever "felt" with this mask, but he said it was really more force that any type of pain.

God bless you and thanks from the bottom of our hearts,

Blake, Nancy and Kyle "Brick" Buric'

"... Thanks for supporting our organization - I'll be sure to refer all of our goaltenders to Promasque."


Joe O'Loughlin

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"Its Ed again, i just wanted to let u know that i am very pleased with my new Promasque. when i 1st got to your house that night my heart was pounding anxiously waiting to see my mask. as soon as i saw it i felt like I won a million bucks. the paint job came out very nice and i like it a lot. its Monday the 31st and i just got back from practice. everyone at the rink could not help but comment or stare at it. all my teammates thought it was better than some of the NHL goalies masks. its an honor to have the best head protection you can buy. i did happen to take a couple of shots off the head seeing how everyone wanted to hit me there. i barely felt a thing. now i can play with the confidence of looking good and with the best protection. Matt if only you could know how happy i am to have this new mask. you must hear that from a lot from people. but anyway i just wanted to let you know that i am very pleased with my new helmet and it wont be my last. i will send you some pics when i get a chance. if you could i would like you to show this email to your painter and let him know that he did an excellent job with it. i cant thank you enough. "

[Pro-Masque Response]
"Hey Eddie!

Glad to hear you like the mask! I thought it came out very well. I told the painter I'd get back to him as to how you liked it, I'll forward to email to him, that should do the trick.

I try very hard to get the masks the way the customers want them. I realize fully that young kids like you, and there are many of them, have to pay for all or most of the mask yourself. This is why I do my best. Even though I make masks for NHL guys, it also means a great deal, perhaps even more, to hear that kids like you are happy with their masks......

I assume Dad and Mom liked it too? They're great people. They also have to put a lot of trust in me, and I do appreciate it.

Thanks for all the compliments, we'll put your email in the "Testimonials" section of the site so all can see it. It really helps, because most people need to see what we're all about when they order off the internet without meeting us.

My direct email is

Thanks again, I'll look forward to the pics. We'll put you up on the Goalie of the month" section.

Best regards,


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"I wanted to say thanks for 4 great years with my first goalie helmet. After suffering one severe and one minor concussion, my dad switched me from a player helmet to the promasque. It has really helped my play and protected me in a number of bad situations. Your company is one of the few that is smart enough to not use plastic buckles. My team just recently placed third at last years nationals and this years Connecticut Polar Bear U16 tier 1 girls tournament. I also noticed how common the promasque is becoming at higher levels of girls hockey. Hopefully, I will be getting my second helmet (maybe with a paint job!) if I make a division 1 college hockey program. Thanks again! Oh yeah, I haven't had another concussion since receiving my new helmet in 8th grade."

Molly L.
#35 Colorado Select u16AAA

"I just wanted to take the time and thank you for the outstanding job you and your artist did on my new mask.

The comfort and fit is just plush compared to the 12 year old Badger Elite that I was used to playing with.

I took a particularly nasty shot to the head about a week & a half ago that deflected out of play. Outside of the sound of the puck ricocheting off my head there was no discomfort at all.

As for the art work, it went beyond my expectation. Your insight and your ability to understand what I wanted to portrait were apparent from the start. The end result was exceptional. Comments of “it’s too nice to wear during play” and “It should be hang on the wall “are not uncommon to hear. It is truly a work of art. Once again, heart felt thanks for a job well done."

Ralph S.
Hackettstown NJ

"..Absolutely Awesome! My Gosh, I have never seen Patrick so eager to put on a mask......he was just amazed at the construction and of the design and paint job! Needless to say, we are both very very pleased with the quality of your work. I don't know who your painter is but, wow! what a job. Patrick really liked the throat area and the "A" was a knockout! We sure were on the right page......snazzy, yet classy, and a real standout. I think his coach will really be surprised! Thank you Matt, and also thank you for such a speedy, I mean breakneck speed, for completion! I never expected it to be even completed for this season, much less having it for Christmas..."
Randy, Kathy, Patrick, Katie and the attack Yorkies, Sarah and Lillie

"Well, after nearly 20 years playing hockey it was bound to happen a game where I got hit not once, not twice, but three times in my mask! I think all three got me either on the cage or the forehead And, on one of those I was down in the butterfly and actually deliberately steered my head to block the shot.

I play with a bunch of older guys so after each time the shooter skated by to say he was sorry. And each time I told him, no worries, I m fine because I was. Except for some rattling at the impact, I was none the worse for wear.

I sure am glad I accidentally bumped into you at Pure Hockey in Braintree two summers ago and bought that Promasque Graphite on your recommendation. It seemed like a lot of money at the time, but in retrospect it was money very, very well spent.

I'd trust you with my head any day."

Bill M.

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"I forgot to thank you & the paint shop for doing a fantastic job on my son's helmet. You all went beyond my expectations. It looks awesome! I appreciate the personal attention from you Matt! My son, Matt, plays for Arlington Catholic H.S. and the cougar design was perfect. Thanks again Matt, I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into helping me and my son out. The service I received from you and your company is the reason I recommend you to everyone I meet. Thanks a million."


Mark M.
Billerica, Mass.

"Thanks for everything with Austin's mask. It turned out awesome!! The paint is exactly what I was thinking. I must admit I was a bit nervous describing what I wanted over the phone, but you got it perfect! Thanks for everything and I hope to do business with you in the future!"


Brent P.


"Just received my son's helmet. It looks great and he is thrilled. He went to bed with it - that is a 13-year old for you.

I greatly appreciate that you gave it mailing priority. UPS brought the package to our house at 6:30 P.M. last night. My son Ben started jumping up and down when he got the package...Great doing business with you."

Rozita G

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"The Mask is sweet, have played in it a few times, and my head is staying much cooler than in my Itech. Also took first good shot right to the cage, and felt nothing, just a slight thud!"

Jeff S.
Rancho Santa Margaritas, CA

"...just wanted to let you know how well Kyle's helmet protected him this past Varsity season. I maintain Kyle's equipment such as packing and drying after every game or practice. I frequently inspected his helmet after skates and cleaned up many puck and tape marks from the helmet surface. I asked Kyle if he ever felt the impacts on his helmet and usually replied no. There is even a slight bend in the center of the cage he didn't even feel. I would like to extol the safety factor of your helmet for he did receive a blow to the head were an opposing player swung his stick with the intent to injure Kyle. Kyle did finish out the period but took himself out do to a pounding headache. I do not feel he would have been that lucky if he was wearing a mass produced plastic helmet. I inspected the helmet closely after the game and didn't even find a screw loose..."

Bob J.,
Chelsea, MI

"...The mask was wonderful, all I needed to do was inflate the air bag inside the mask and that was it. I have taken so many shots off of my head that with my old mask would have made my ears ring for days but I didn't feel it at all with your mask. I couldn't have asked for anything better! You were so helpful and personal in your service and it was the best service I have ever received with anything. I know that you don't buy goalie masks very often but I can assure you I will never buy anything now other than a Pro-Masque! Words really can't express how happy felt when I received it and how impressed I was with your personal service. Many, many thanks."

Andy P.

"...The new shell has been bullet proof and Keith still has not had the slightest incident of "bell ringing" while wearing your helmet. It used to be quite common with the Simmons and that was over 2 years ago. Keith is now 16 and is often taking shots from the Whaler Jr. B's as well as college and Jr A shooters when he goes to camp in Canada. You can imagine the velocity of these shots as well as the occasional slash to the head with literally not a single incident of anything that bothered him. That is amazing..."

Gregg O.

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"I just wanted to let you know that my son Matt's new mask is awesome. It is a great fit and paint job. His team went 2-0 this weekend with the new mask. He and his team love it! Thanks again for all of your help."

John P.

"I absolutely love the paint job, and I can't believe what a comfortable fit the helmet is! All I had to do was put a little air in the bag system, and everything else was already adjusted perfectly! I don't know how you did it, but you did! My old helmet had a lot less Kevlar, but still outweighs this beauty. It's truly a masterful work of engineering.

...there's no rule in our employees handbook about helmets, and I'm wearing mine in the office right now I'm so proud!"


"Just a quick note. Even after 2 years, I still get great compliments on the paint job of my mask. I still enjoy looking at it myself. Thanks again and I'm sure I will be back for some new work in the future."

Rochester, NY

"Just wanted to let you know that everywhere we go your mask brings comments & complements. We have been dropping the Pro-Masque name daily, a week and a half past, while attending Silver Sticks about thirty (30) goalies stopped by the locker room, to the distraction of the coaches, to check out "the mask". As for the quality there is no need to tell you it's perfect in every aspect. Our Matthew took a shot straight into the cage (captured on film) and never flinched, he saw it but did not feel it - a testament to the quality of the padding system. Thank you."

Leonard Z.

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"Mask arrived safely. Our son's word - Whoa!!!!!!
Whoever did the paint it's beautiful - hope you took a picture or two for your gallery. Thanks."

Leonard Z.


Mere words cannot begin to explain how satisfied I am with the end result of my mask. I was impressed every step of the way. The customer service was the best that I have ever seen, in any business. Your artist took my design concept and hit the nail right on the head. I was speechless when I received the pictures of my mask from you. Thank you for providing me with an exceptional mask that I am sure will be the talk of the rink. Who would have thought that all of this would have been possible from Iraq?"

LCpl James Reifsnyder USMC

"Just wanted to let you know that Max completed a one week goalie camp and is in the middle of a one-week conditioning camp including six hours a day of ice time, all intermixed with weekly team practice and his new ProMasque has proven its value. He's happy; I'm happy; and most importantly, his Mom is happy with the mask.

Thanks for all your help in selecting the right mask and for making the ProMasque available."


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"We received Jake s helmet and did it look awesome!!!!!! The artist did an excellent job of painting the Wolf head on the helmet. It is truly a work of art and one of a kind . Many people have asked me where we got the helmet. I hope you don t mind me dropping the Pro Masque name around the different rinks we visit.

There was no extra fitting needed. Jake put the helmet on, adjusted the air fit, and had been playing hockey all summer long with it. He is tuning up for the upcoming season and looking forward to leaving an impression with his new helmet. Thanks again for all your personal help.

Jesse W.
Oshkosh, WI

"...great job on the helmet. Right out of the box it was almost a perfect fit first time on. Few minor strap and air bag adjustments and the helmet was ready to go. You must be part magician to get the fit that close for only corresponding thru the Internet and two phone calls. Thanks again for a great product and prompt service. I believe we will feel a lot more comfortable watching our son playing this year having the confidence that we have taken the proper steps in protecting him. We were happy to see the excitement our son expressed knowing he will be wearing a much more comfortable fitting and protective helmet this coming Varsity season. Thanks Matt"

Bob J.
Chelsea, Michigan

"I would just like to thank you for the your time and effort and most importantly helping me get a perfect mask for a very nice price. I am very pleased to say the least about the fit and the comfort of this shell. With the new style APPROVED cage my vision has felt as if it has doubled if not tripled. Thank you once again I am satisfied customer!!! Thank you Matt"

Buddy J

The silver paint is great looking also!!!!! Thank you!!!

"I just purchased a Pro Masque from Pure Hockey in Danvers and the fit is remarkable! Without question the best mask I've ever worn... Again, Great mask...I haven't been this excited since I got my J. Plant mask in '72!"

Jack P.

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"My mask is over 5 years old and you still give the same service that you did when it was new."


"Just wanted to let you know that your mask is great. Using it at least twice a week for 3 months now, I haven't had one shot that made my ears ring yet. I even had a guy basically fall on my knee-first on my head last night with no issues. "

Adam L.

"First of all, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to have me up at your shop and making sure I didn't need a bigger mask than i needed. and as for the mask, it's beautiful! I love the color, I love the fit, I just plain love this mask! I won't even wear it in practice! It's just too good looking to get puck marks all over it. I am glad that there is a mask company out there that really takes the time to make sure that all is well. I will gladly refer your masks to anyone looking for one! As I am sure that you will treat them the same way that you treated me. [competitors] EAT YOUR HEART OUT!"

Kevin W. #34

"We received our son's new helmet this past Thursday Magnificent comes to mind. The fit and finish are standard Pro-Masque perfect . Furthermore, the artist s interpretation of our son Matthew's ideas is absolutely beautiful your artists out did themselves. As a footnote everyone at this past weekends games commented on the quality and beauty of the mask we gave the goalie parents your contact information. This is Matthew's second Pro-Masque and will not be his last you have a customer for life. Job well done, Thank You!"

Leonard & Donna Z.
Moorestown, NJ

"...solid feel, great fit (good call on the large vs. extra-large), effective ventilation, very effective forehead sweat band, very comfortable chin strap, and wonderful visibility. The cat-eye is just perfect."

Bruce W.

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I got the mask yesterday and it is AWESOME! Thank you very much for the outstanding job. I am overwhelmingly impressed with your whole operation. You do one heck of a job."

Colin C.

"Thank you for the new helmet. The octopus looks really good. The paint job is phenomenal. Thanks for everything."

Joel W.

"Hey Matt, its Kristin s., my design was the seahawk and the frog on the back. the artists did a great job with it, and it fits well. I've only wore it once so far I'm waiting for the college season to start. but when i wore it, it was when i was playing against grown men who played in college, and during the game i was hit in the head with the puck, and i didn't even feel it. so in other words, its a great helmet, and thanks for everything! ill send a pic to put on your webpage when i start playing at salve again. thanks again."

Kristin S.

"Got the helmet yesterday. With all the words in the English language the only one that kept coming to mind was "Wow." We were in total awe. What an incredible work of art. I have to believe Patrick Lalime himself would be jealous of this mask. We pick up our daughter from Elite Hockey Camp tomorrow. I can guarantee the first question out of her mouth will be have we heard about the helmet yet. Won't she be surprised? We would love to send you some pictures of the helmet. Probably this weekend. Feel free to use them on your web site. Thank you for an incredible job. My daughter spent her money wisely."

Bob G.

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"I would like to thank you for all of the hard work that you have done for me. Your commitment to customer service is by far the best I have ever had from any company. When I got the mask today, I was very excited to open the box. When I finally did I was not disappointed. I hope you get more business from Baseball guys like myself. I will be referring any and all umpires to your great company. Keep up the good work!!"

Matthew B.
High School umpire
Mankato, MN

"You were right!! It s awesome. The gold leaf lettering makes the finishing touches. Hope your artist enjoyed doing this. I know everyone will appreciate the talent behind it. And I will always be proud to wear such a tribute mask.  Good work..."

John P. Ferraro

"Wow... what a great web site. I've been a goalie for a long time (more years than I care to remember :) ), and I'm always looking for ways to improve my game. Your web site has a tons of great tips, good advice, and links that only another goalie could relate to. I've added your site to my favorites, and I'll be back to visit often! Keep up the good work!"

Kevin M.
Detroit, MI

"It has been over a month now since Adam received his mask great quality, awesome paint job and service. You are truly a gifted craftsman. Thank you so much for you service, time spent on the phone and suggestions. We could not have asked for a better product !! Keep up the great work Matt!!


Adam, Coral Springs,

We want to thank you for making such a fine product! This past January our son was on the receiving end of a brutal full speed Butt-End check to the head. While Matthew did suffer a mild concussion and facial bruising from this hit, it would have been most assuredly much worse were the equipment of any lesser quality. Matt's physicians examined him, his equipment & the video of the incident and all were impressed by the lack of major injury. Quoting one doctor "had his helmet not been of such quality he would have probably suffered a skull/jaw fracture not just a mild concussion and bruising." Just for the record the young man that checked our son was ejected from the league, his USA Hockey membership revoked, the team he played for was placed on one-years probation and they forfeited the game - which - they were losing 3-0. Matthew has fully recovered & we as a family have decided to "retire" his helmet to his trophy shelf and commission a new Pro-Masque for the coming season. Thank you for protecting our son with a fine product.

Leonard & Donna Z."

"We just received the mask I ordered for my son Adam. It arrived exactly as promised , the mask is incredibly better than I thought! Truly the best workmanship we have seen! After receiving this mask I can say that Adam will never use another. With your quality of product and service I am surprised any other company that makes masks is still in business! Thanks for your time and professionalism!

Keith B.
Coral Springs, Florida

"I want to thank you for running the best hockey helmet company ever. I have used your helmets for years and I have never encountered another business that is so trusting of their customers as you are. Keep up the good work! Thanks again,

Adam C.
Assumption College, #28

"I love my Promasque. The mask is durable and light weight. It can handle the punishment at any level. I also love my paint job. It is awesome. I had an idea for my mask ,told Matt what I wanted and it came out exactly as I had envisioned it. I have traveled to the shop twice ,first when ordering the mask and then for some repairs. All I can say is Matt treated me the same way he would've treated one of his professional goaltender customers.. Matt makes you feel special. Matt has on a couple of occasions sent me screws ,buckles and sweat bands free of charge. Matt is the best. I recommend him to all my goaltender friends. Thanks Matt."

Paul S.,
Pittsfield, MA

"…Oh My God…OHHHH MYYYYYY GODDDDD! Even if I could have visualized the mask, I would have never though it would look as good as it does. Zach went ballistic when he saw it. He even tried wearing it to bed, really….And to you Matt, I could not have asked for a better person to help with ordering a mask…the mask fits perfectly…"


"…The mask is brilliant, FANTASTIC, the best it could have been, I am over the moon with it!...It fits perfectly, it looks great…I would just like to thank you and your company for the professionalism you have shown me which has made me feel welcome and a part of the process…"


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"…Kick ass!!! Dude I can’t wait! You’re the baddest of the bads Matty! You know I’ll be sending you a picture me with that bad boy on. Jedi’s will fear me!…Sorry you can’t keep it man! I sound and feel like a little kid. Thanks a million Matt…"


"…This was in the goalies email list today. More kudos! Man, you are running a 21st century e-business!!":
"…On a different mask note, I am so happy with the Pro-Masque that I bought three years ago. It has been light, durable, and the service over there is spectacular. When I needed new nuts and bolts, they sent them complimentary with no problems…if you haven’t looked at their webpage for some of the paint jobs they do, you should. They are spectacular…"

New Mexico State University

"…thank you for the great work on the mask. I absolutely love it. I can’t believe how well it fits and how little it weighs…Thank you so much for the way you treated me like a professional…You and your company are truly a class act…"

Northeastern University

"…Just wanted to let you know about my new Pro-Masque…I took a back-scratcher from the left face-off dot right between the eyes and it was almost…pleasurable! It felt solid, no bells ringing and pain like my old Simmons…What an amazing mask!…Once again, thanks for the clearly superior product…"


"…Thank you for spending so much time with Chris. He appreciated it so much and it was invaluable to him to be able to see the actual craftsmanship involved in each helmet. Not only did it provide a reassurance in safety, but also – PRIDE in his helmet which he shows to all of his friends!…"


"…The mask arrived today and it looks spectacular! The mask fit perfectly straight out of the box…"

Monash University

"Got the mask!!! WOW!!! It came out better than I imagined it to be!!! I can hardly wait to play with it…It’s already blown up and ready for Friday night…"


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"…Hi again…I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the mask. I feel that the money I spent was the best spent money I ever spent on hockey equipment…The mask fits better than any other I’ve tried…I want to also commend the paint job. It not only looks great but it’s stood up against a few shot (one was quiet hard…it knocked me back a bit) without a nick…Thanks once again for a truly superior product in a world which come used to "cutting corners"…"


"…Please know that we were very pleased with all the help and we will gladly tell all our goalie friends about Pro-Masque…"

Karen, Dan, and Matt,

"…The helmet is perfect…Thanks Matt for what you’ve done…"

Italian National Goaltender

"…Wow!!! We got the beast!!!…This was Sean’s response, Wow this is a beauty!!! I love it. It stayed in his room last night with him. The color is awesome…"

Pam and Sean,

"…Your helmet has done an excellent job of keeping Sam’s head in one piece. He swears by the air bladder. The bladder provides a tight, but comfortable fit…A slapshot to the forehead has the force disbursed over a wide area and does not hurt…"


"…Helmet looks great. Sweet was the exact word my son used…"


"…I received my mask yesterday and couldn’t wait to tell you what a great job you did on it! The new style fits like it was made just for me…offers much more protection and vision while being noticeably lighter! The paint job turned out even better than I had hoped. I know that a goalie mask isn’t an everyday purchase, but for what it’s worth you have a customer for life!…this is by far the best mask for the job! Thanks again for your outstanding help and support!


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"…You sent me a mask on a rush order recently. Thanks for getting it to me so quickly. Feels great, fits good, looks good. Thank you very much…"

Hong Kong

"…I’ve had my Pro-Masque for almost two years now and it’s hard to think that I ever could have played with anything else. Just tonight I got hit with a shot so hard that the referee blew the play just to see if I was all right. I barely knew I was hit and thought maybe the puck flew over the glass!…"


"…Thank you for treating my daughter so nice. I’m sure she’ll use you for equipment in the future…"


"…I just wanted to thank you for how promptly you got my cage to me! If only every business was like Pro-Masque…"


"…I’ll tell you that guy really cranked that slapper from the faceoff dot. Never felt a thing. Great mask!…"


"…WOW! It is OUTSTANDING! What a great job you guys did…Hang on to the art work, I have spoken to parents of three of the other Blackjack goalies and described the design…They seem very interested…Thanks again for a GREAT JOB and EXCELLENT SERVICE!…If you have any people looking for references…feel free to give them my number…PS: I also want a PRO PAK. No way he’s gonna keep that work of art in a draw string bag. And I certainly don’t think it’s appropriate to keep it in his Itech bag !…"


"…It is, by far, the most comfortable mask that I’ve ever worn…It feels incredibly solid and balanced as well. Again, thanks…"


"…I am very grateful that you have responded to all my emails, and annoying questions…I am very thankful for all you have done for me…"


"…Thank you so much for everything the past 8 years. If you need anything give me a call…"

Christen Soucy,
Professional Goaltender

"…Thank you- Your service is the best!…"

Kathy and Adam,

"…The mask is already here…my parents say it is simply the best…Thank you for all…"


"…I bought a mask from you in the summer, and I just wanted to drop you a line and say how wonderful it is. After playing my first semester in college at Montclair State U with the helmet …I can honestly say it is by far the best mask I have ever used…there have been at least two occasions when had I not been wearing your mask I would have most likely gotten a serious concussion…"

Montclair State University

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"…Most web sites are full of bull, but yours isn’t. When I went to Simmons a while ago no mask fit perfect except yours. I love your helmets, I’ve tried others but they don’t feel as good around the head…Thanks a lot for your time and you truly do make the best masks out there…"


"…Thank you very much for your great and efficient service. We really appreciate your cooperation and concern…"

Mary Ann,
Alberta, Canada

"Writing a note... to tell you that the mask I bought from you has made a huge difference on the way I play and the way I feel after a game. The Itech mask I was using while saving me from outward injury, did not protect me from minor head and ear aches. The puck or stick hitting my mask sounded and felt like an explosion went off in my head. This also made me gun-shy. Your mask absorbs the impact immeasurably better. I even have a tendency to use my head to make a save if that's my only option (I know that's dumb)."

Emil, St. Charles, IL

"hey matt, the helmet looks great. thanks for helping me so fast. it was a big help. you definitely went out of your way. thanks again!"

Ryan (by email)

"... one of the long lost users of Pro-masque! Well Matty, those masks Craig & I bought years ago are still around & the old mask is ready for another season of hockey, this makes season number 8, hard to believe...but it is true! Between ice & roller hockey, those masks have been in action 12 months of the year now!"

Chris, from The Great White North

"Matt, I used the new mask this morning. The fit is perfect. It is so much better than my Warwick. It did not move when I went down and was very comfortable to were. The group I played with thought the paint was awesome. Thanks for doing such a great job!! "
Dave, Minnesota

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"...In terms of lightweight-ness I would have to say that the new one I just got from you is the lightest weight, and has the most peripheral vision of any mask I have seen on the market. In regards to safety, I think that a Pro-Masque is the safest mask on the market also, when I was five years old my parents got me one because they wanted me to be safe, and because I always liked when people shot pucks at my head. Now I wear one because it's the most comfortable, and well built mask I have tried, I have put it to the test also..."
Dennis, Massachusetts

" ...By far the best service and sales i have ever encountered. "
Zach (by email)

"I can't thank you enough for the service you did on my helmet. It was going to be tough for me to find time to do a lot of the things I still needed to do on the helmet because tryouts are coming up fast, but you took care of all of them for me. My mom also said that you gave us some extra parts, thanks for those too. I was so afraid that I wasn't going to get a quality clear coat that would look great and protect my helmet, but that seems to be done now."
Matty, Northfield Mount Hermon Hoggers (by email)

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Dear Mr. Garland:

Enclosed pleas find a picture of my sixteen-year-old daughter, Theresa, taken during the Christmas Holiday Connecticut Polar Bear Tournament.
Puck to Cage!I thought you might enjoy seeing one of your helmets in a true action shot, as she is about to take that puck right in her cage area. As you can see by the concentration of her eyes, she knows she will get hit there but is staying focused and not blinking to "help" take the hit. She got caught out of position ad the only way she could make the stop was to use her head literally. The save was made and the game won.
The point is she has complete confidence in her Pro-Masque helmet, which finding a helmet that she was comfortable in was no small task either. Up until she turned fourteen she had the Dominic Hasek look going a Bauer 4000 with a metal cage. After her coach hit her in and bent the cage I convinced her to switch to a Goalie helmet. I believe we tried on every manufacturer, (and even had one of the staff at Simmons "making" one from assorted different helmets), when another staff member suggested that she try on a Pro-Masque. She did, loved it immediately and the rest is history. The first few days that she had it all of her teammates took turns wearing it during practice and were very surprised as to how comfortable it is and was.

You might also like to know that her Pro-Masque helmet also passed an "Olympic" test too. Last week Theresa's school team, (Nichols School, Buffalo, NY), faced the Rochester Edge and Olympic/National team member, Lindsey Wall. During the game, Wall cranked a shot at Theresa from the high slot and it hit her right in her chin area. The puck hit her with such force that it actually un-buckled the helmet, but Theresa skated it off uninjured, (although she saw a few stars), and finished the game.

Needless to say, we are all very pleased with her Pro-Masque and she will continue to wear it throughout the remainder of her High School and future collegiate career.


David M.

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Thank you. My new Pro Masque is the best thing I have ever placed on my head. It fits like a glove. The XDK is a wicked sweet mask. The paint is insane. It is exactly what I wanted. Your customer service is the best I have ever experienced. You and myers have won me over. Not only did the mask turn out better them I ever thought, but you gave me such a deal. I cant wait to get some pictures taken and sent back to you. It is the best looking mask on the ice, that is saying a lot since I play at North Americas largest Ice facility. I will promote ProMasque everywhere I go. Again thank you for such a great mask and even better experience getting it.

Cody C. Ewing
Net Minder for the LandSharks

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I am writing you to let you know of a side effect my new Pro Masque has had on me. You did not warn me of any side effects that the mask had. My GAA and save % is half of what it was last season. My game has went to a new level.
They are making move up a league due to my performance. Since I have had no training or anything new except for the XDK, It must be the mask. I think you should have a disclaimer stating increased performance is a side effect of the mask. Thanks again for the great mask.

Cody C. Ewing

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Once again, a big thanks!  The mask turned out even better than I expected. All I could say when I pulled it out of the box was a big WOW. I've already shown it to a few friends, and they have been very impressed.
I just got a call from a team wanting me to sub in a B league game tonight. I'm stoked, knowing that I will be taking my new mask to the ice, and knowing, most importantly, that I'm going to be well protected.

Wildcats/Booze Jackets Goalie #30

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Matt, I just got my helmet and it is beautiful I can't what to use it. Also the navy blue color is very nice. The helmet is perfect fit and I must thank you for doing such a good job on it.

Alex Florio

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The mask is sweet!

The fit is great, all I had to do was inflate the air back, and I was set.
I have never used a cateye cage before, and I love the increased visibility.

The mask is so much cooler than the Itech, and for someone who sweats buckets, that's important. I played last night, and I probably would have passed out if I had worn the Itech... seriously.

I had considered an Olie mask. I had a friend that ordered one, and last night he took a shot. He was down for 6 minutes.  No shots to the mask yet, but I know I will be well protected.

My game last night was on video, the mask even looks better than I expected. The way the colors change and the way the gold cateye shines. I may not play that well, but it will at least make me look good!

Thanks again

Wildcats Goalie #30

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Just wanted to let you know that I took a shot to the mask last night. Actually, I wasn't too sure if it was a shot to the mask at the time, I just knew there one heck of a rebound off something, after I heard a very slight thud. I wasn't too sure until l looked at the mask after the game. Rubbed it with a towel, and you would never know it took a shot.  If this had been my Itech, my head would have been ringing a long time.

It was the league championship game, we won.  Bill and Opus gave me strength!

David Buckner

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I did receive your call last Friday, but was unable to get to the UPS drop off in time. HOWEVER, I mailed the mask to you on Saturday via USPS--regular mail. You should have it today I would think.

And, I want to thank you for your help and support. I am sure you know how helpful you were in dropping the Husky mask at Pure Hockey in time for Collin's practice. I know how much you went out of your way to deliver it. You gave new meaning to customer service! Thanks very much. AND Collin is very pleased with the newly painted and redone mask. It looks terrific.

With thanks.


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Alexander will be contacting you.  He is in Pittsburgh Pa at a tournament.  He LOVES his goalie helmet!  You have made a 10 year old very happy and psyched about his season! You have an incredible talent.  As a parent I am so happy to see my child so happy.

Thanks again.

Maureen Carey-Back
Al's Mom
Ashburn Xtreme
Ashburn, VA

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