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Construction of our masks
Mask Sizes

  Construction of our masks

Each and every PROMASQUE is hand molded in our own factory. We are one of, if not the only, companies that still make all their   masks in-house. We use only the highest tech materials available.

Helmet interior

Multi-directional, triaxial, Vectorply® fiberglass is custom made especially for PROMASQUE. THE RESULT?! An ultra strong yet light weight shell.

A reinforcement of 8 ounce Dupont Kevlar®, the same used in bulletproof vests, and fiberglass gives your "squash" the ultimate protection! This one of a kind combination makes the shell very rigid, thus creating a totally non-flexible barrier around your face.

Custom cold temperature, "Flex-Resins" are made locally to our   exact specifications! This unique formula creates a remarkably strong bond between the fiberglass and Dupont Kevlar® layers making the PROMASQUE impossibly tough!

Carbon Graphite Composite, the rigid material used in snowboards, mountain bikes, and Indy race car bodies, is added to our "GRAPHITE" mask for even more strength.
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All PROMASQUE cages are hand made in our own wire jigs to our exact specifications.

NEW! STAINLESS STEEL APPROVED CAGES. These cages are made of polished stainless steel. They have no coating on them thus eliminating chipping. You get the look of a chrome-plated cage without the coating. These babies are ultra-tough!

Our Standard APPROVED cages can be powdered coated to any color for an additional $45.

Our PRO/CATEYE cages are hand made of solid #6 stainless steel. These are the same cages we use in our NHL masks.

Available cages

We can CHROME OR GOLD PLATE any cage!
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  Mask Sizes

We have 5 different size molds from Small/Junior to XXL. With the variation in mold sizes AND our exclusive "PRO-AIR" fitting system, we can absolutely custom fit any head from ages 7 to 107 and everyone in between! We make the most comfortable fitting mask on the market. Just ask any of our top NHL, HOCKEY EAST, or CCHA goaltenders and they'll tell you, Nothing fits like a PROMASQUE!
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All PROMASQUE's are padded with high density, closed cell Rubatex® padding (the industry standard in most masks and helmets). It is very comfortable yet extremely shock absorbent. All our foam is custom die cut especially for our masks
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New durable strap buckles!
All screws used are stainless steel!
All binding posts are custom made solid brass or stainless steel!
Cage clips and studs are nickel coated to prevent rust!
Our extra thick elastic webbing is of the finest quality, available in black or white and is guaranteed not to lose it's elasticity.
Our chin cups are custom made exclusively for PROMASQUE to fit our mask exactly!
All masks come with a hand sewn, super absorbent, Velcro® removable sweat band!
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All of our masks come painted with "PPG" CONCEPT URETHANE PAINT. We hand treat and wet sand all shells and "PPG" EPOXY PRIME each one prior to painting.

Our METALLIC BLACK "GRAPHITE" color paint must be seen to be appreciated - Standard on all black masks!
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