All of our cages are hand made in the USA, not by the hundreds of thousands in China.  All are highly polished stainless steel.  Our Professional models are additionally TIG welded for added strength.

Professional Cateye


The Classic cateye. Solid six- gauge Polished Stainless Steel and TIG welded, double vertical nose bars. As used by our NHL and Olympic goaltenders.

Professional Cheater


Solid six-gauge stainless steel and TIG welded.  A cool alternative to the Cateye , fantastic visibility and sight lines.

Square Hole


Great visibility, designed where no stick blades can pass through.

Modified Cateye


A modified version of the Pro Cateye, designed with extra bars so no stick blades can pass through.

Cage Powder Coating


Make your mask complete!  Color your cage to match your mask.  We electrostatically apply the color, and then bake the cage, for a super durable finish.

**Important:  Pro Cateye and Pro Cheater cages provide maximum visibility. As with any professional cage, stick blades, (not pucks) can pass through some of the holes, possibly causing severe eye injury.

**Note that our Pro Cateye and Pro Cheater cages are for use in only Pros, Senior, Field hockey, and Prep/Private leagues.

*Promasque offers a full two-year warrantee on cage *Welds.  No company offers any warrantee on cage *Dents.  Dents can occur at any time, and are part of the game.  Cages should be replaced when severely dented.