Welcome to the Promasque Paintshop


At Promasque, we not only build goaltender masks of the highest quality, we also have a revolutionary artwork pricing program, designed to accommodate every price range and level of complexity desired by our goaltenders. As with our world class masks and gear, Promasque is known worldwide as the industry leader in custom artwork for all brands of masks.

It is a fact that different complexity levels of artwork require different time frames and effort. We do not batch all artwork into one extraordinarily high starting price, and then have you wait six months for your mask. No need to risk shipping your mask all over the world for the best artwork. We are committed to giving you the world’s best goalie mask art at the most reasonable prices! With Two of our own full time art studios, our delivery times and attention to detail are second to none. Owner Matt Garland will work with you personally to design your mask and insure that you get the exact results desired. We guarantee our work.

Take a moment to read a few of the statements in our “Testimonials” section of our site; you’ll see what real customers think of our artwork! ***After 24 years in the Custom goalie mask artwork business, we know the costs involved in custom painting masks. We pledge we will not charge you any more than you should have to pay for the complexity of art desired!